Who are the BTS K-pop members?

When BTS made their debut in 2013, few could’ve imagined the heights this K-pop group would scale. But after several world tours using their best selling bts lightstick army bomb by kpopchoices.com, two albums debuting at number one on the US Billboard 200 and edging out Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, and Demi Lovato to win back-to-back Top Social Artist Awards at the BBMAs, it is clear that they’re here to stay.

Here is an introduction to the seven members of Beyond The Scene, as they now call themselves:


The leader of the group Kim Nam-joon or RM, as he is popularly known, was the first member to be drafted into BTS in 2010 at the age of 16. He started rapping at 13 in the Korean underground hip-hop scene and is the lead rapper and lyricist. He got the name Rap Monster during his training years because of the lyrics of a song he wrote and performed at the time. He changed this to RM in 2017 because he felt that his style of music had evolved beyond that moniker. With an IQ of 148, he is the brains of the band.


Min Yoon-gi is one of the older members and the second person to join BTS. He was the shooting guard in his school basketball team which became the inspiration for his stage name. He joined the record label as a music producer but, instead, spent three years training with RM and J-Hope. He is a pianist, a songwriter and one of the group’s main rappers.


Aside from being the lead dancer, Jung Ho-seok is also a lyricist, a sub-vocalist and completes the triad of rappers in the group. Hobi joined BTS after RM and Suga, is an accomplished dancer and was part of the underground dance scene before making his debut. J-Hope chose his stage name wishing to be a beacon of hope for the band and its fans. He is known for injecting energy into his vocals and dance moves.


Kim Seok-jin or Jin, as he is fondly called, is one of the vocalists in the group and a songwriter. The oldest, he is the hyung or older brother of the group and takes care of the other members. He studied acting before applying for BTS. Though not officially named as the group’s visual, it is his good looks that got him an audition with the label. He, then, trained in music and dance to be a part of the band.


With V for Victory as his stage name, Kim Tae-hyung was the mystery member of the group and the last one to be revealed. He is one of the vocalists, a lead dancer, and a lyricist. His deep, soothing vocals and his ability to emote with his voice make him a distinctive part of the BTS sound. His funny antics and happy-go-lucky personality have endeared him to fans.


One of the primary dancers and a lead vocalist, Park Ji-min started training in dance at a young age and was adept at the popping, locking and contemporary genres before joining BTS. He honed his skills as a singer and began writing songs when he became part of the group. He is a perfectionist and, with his fluid dance movements, delicate vocals and oodles of charm, popular with the fans.


The maknae or baby of the group, Jeon Jung-kook was inspired by RM’s performance to join BTS and made his debut with the band at the age of 15. He is one of the main vocalists and a lead dancer. He can rap, be a visual or a centerpiece and is, possibly, the fan favorite. RM nicknamed him “golden maknae” because of his ability to excel at everything.

3 Reasons you Should Get and Ahegao hoodie


While the term Ahegao has been used since the 1990s, it has only been popularized in Western culture in that last decade. Despite the term picking up popularity late, Ahegao has developed in a small anime subculture and attracted a serious following.

Many enthusiasts of Ahegao work choose to wear merchandise printed with picture of characters climaxing. The boom in Ahegao products started with hoodies which gained attention due to their bold imaging. The trend of heavily printed Ahegao merchandise continued with sweatpants bearing the same style, shoes, and even bags.

Despite the increase in popularity of Ahegao merch, many fans are still hesitant to sport them because of the boldness of sporting some of the merchandise. Ahegao cool hoodies have become a popular choice for enthusiasts to purchase because they are subtler than the other merchandise while still sporting the iconic, collaged images of Ahegao.

  1. You Can Finally Wear It Out

The problem of many anime enthusiasts who want to purchase Ahegao merch, is that it is too explicitly graphic for them to wear out, especially to settings such as offices, banks, government offices, and similar locations.

An Ahegao hoodie is small enough to be worn in strict places, without catching too much attention. You can use them for your keys, IDs, USBs, and other small objects that you carry with you daily. Unlike other merchandise that can only be appropriately worn during specific events, a lanyard is a generic item that you can take with you wherever you go.

Ahegao hoodie is small enough to be worn in strict places, without catching too much attention. You can use them for your keys, IDs, USBs, and other small objects that you carry with you daily. Unlike other merchandise that can only be appropriately worn during specific events, a lanyard is a generic item that you can take with you wherever you go.

  • You Can Put It Away When Necessary

Because lanyards are small, it is easy for you to put it away when you need to, such as if your boss were to reprimand you, or other similar situations. It is convenient to have an Ahegao hoodie because you do not have to worry about being reprimanded. In case explicit merchandise are not allowed in a certain place, it would not be problem for you to put the lanyard away.

  • You are Showing Support for Ahegao and its Culture

Ahegao is not simply explicit images of people climaxing, it is more than that. Ahegao has become an important cultural segment of Japanese anime. Having an Ahegao hoodie shows your support for the culture, no matter how small. Ahegao hoodie are a great way to express that you are a fan and to let others know what Ahegao is.

To Conclude

Ahegao hoodie are versatile merchandise that allows you to showcase your love of the genre in subtle ways. It is appealing because almost everyone owns a lanyard for something and they are relatively cheap compared to other products such as shoes, pants, or shirts.

Ahegao hoodie are not as easy to find compared to hoodies and sweatpants, but there are some online stores that sell them. Trendyanime.com is an online store that sell Ahegao merch including an Ahegao hoodie. They are a reputable and reliable online store that sells high-quality goods.

The Best Adult Onesies for Men


 When you work from home, you know how your much onesies can turn into your official uniform. Anyway, some people choose to own them even if they did not work from home.  Onesies for men are awesome; they will be feeling like you are in a blanket, during the winter seasons.  Men onesies have got in-built slippers, nice pockets, and a hood.

Whether you are on your holiday’s vacation or at home, get yourself a pajama that you can wear freely and feel good in them.

 Here is the list of five versatile onesies for men, which you will have to check out:

  • The Overall Best Adult Onesie

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  • The Best Men Onesie For The Plus Sized

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  • The Best Men Footless Onesies

 Some people are not just okay sleeping with anything on their feet. For instance, socks, therefore, they would really prefer footless onesie. We have you in mind too, and we have a great onesie for you.  When you are that person that needs freedom for your feet, this footless onesie designs will work well for you. They also have nice elastic cuffs, a hood and made of microfiber material which will keep you warm.

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  • The Warmest Adult Onesie for Men

 This is for people who feel really cold. Why am I saying this? Well, this onesie is super warm.  Do you people who have to wrap a shawl around their necks, put on socks, and still a pajama? You have to inform them of these pajamas because they are very warm as compared to those other brands.

 Its zip is removable and its hood has a drawstring. It also has two front pockets, which will definitely go well with men.  These onesies are available in pink, red, black, grey, and deep purple.


 The above are only some among many men’s onesies that will keep them rocking in the house. It is not always about the style, but also comforts matters a lot. Again, this type of onesies is not only available for men but in various sizes of up to kids.