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Is a Pressure Cooker the Way to Go?

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Is a Pressure Cooker the Way to Go?

Many home cooks are confused when it comes to the use of a pressure cooker such as pressure king pro .Some claim it destroys all the nutrients in food, others claim this method is perfectly ok and many opt for other forms of cooking such as the gotham steel pan set

To close this contentious issue once and for all, I carried out a comprehensive research on the use of a pressure cooker.

A pressure cooker cooks food by use of steam. To seal of the steam a valve is used. This creates a high-pressure environment inside the cooker.

The sealed environment helps to raise the boiling point of water in the cooker. The high temperatures result to steam that heat up the food till it’s fully cooked.

Pros of Using a Pressure Cooker

  • Safety: Contrary to popular belief that a pressure cooker can blow upon your face, it is actually very safe. To ensure a pressure cooker does not blow up they are fitted with safety valves. This valves ensures that the pressure can only build up to the recommended levels.
  • Attention: The biggest advantage of a pressure cooker is that it doesn’t need any attention to cook. Once your food is inside the cooker, you set your time and it will alert you once the food is cooked based on the time set.
  • Natural Flavors: Where natural flavor of food is desired, a pressure cooker is the best. The enclosed environment ensures the natural flavor of food. This reduces the need for additives.
  • Altitude Compensation: If you live in high altitude regions then you will discover that your food takes longer to cook compared to low altitude regions. This is because for every 294 meters of altitude, the boiling point of water tends to drop by 1 degree Celsius. To prevent undercooking a pressure cooker is most desirable.
  • Health: Pressure cookers kill harmful bacteria. In fact, studies have shown that aflotoxin in rice can easily be reduced by 13-21%. Though this is not a guarantee to safety it s better than frying food.
  • Speed: Foods cooked by use of a pressure cooker tend to cook faster than other cooking methods. This is a big plus for time restrained cooks.
  • Energy Conversion: The general misconception is that a pressure cooker requires lots of energy since it cooks faster. In reality, the pressure cooks the food not the energy. In this regard, a pressure cooker saves on energy rather than waste it.

Cons of Using a Pressure Cooker

  • Mashy Tendencies: Pressure cookers might soften your food too much. This is possible where you set the wrong timer. Mashy food tastes Yuk!
  • Flavor Disorientation: Since a variety of foods can be cooked at the same time, their various flavors can easily mix resulting to disoriented flavors.
  • Safety Concerns: Though a pressure cooker is relatively safe, failure to follow the manuals might result to serious burning.
  • Is a pressure cooker the way to go? It defiantly has more advantages than disadvantages. A pressure cooker is a god sent device. It has revolutionized the art of cooking. It is more efficient and cool to use.